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Great game, fantastic AP here - 


Rider's Last Rites is the Emotional Mecha Jam game that runs the most risk of serious emotional bleed. Its story is raw, and has to do with putting yourself in-character as people who must mourn the loss of a friend, and make an end-of-life decision for their mech. Do you take the utilitarian path and tear Rider’s mech apart for scrap, or do you honor her wishes and send them into the afterlife together? Either way, Rider’s Last Rites is a heart-wrenching game that’s perfect for when you want to explore somber choices with people you trust. There are no resolution mechanics, and no dice to help you make the decision. It’s completely in your hands.

I got to play this in an online game facilitated by the game's creator and absolutely loved it. I'm glad we were able to honor the wishes of Rider's lover but damn if I'm not gonna miss her having my back out there in The Wall.


Initially, I was hesitant to play game about such a sad and weighty topic, like end of life decisions, but the game proved to be very engaging.  Everyone in my group walked away glad they'd played.