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"What a great look at death in #dnd, especially for a low-magic campaign. Read this; you aren't expecting what it's got for you."

- James Haeck, Lead writer on DNDBeyond. Co-author of Waterdeep: Dragonheist, Descent into Avernus, and Explorer's Guide to Wildemount

Version 2.0 is here! New layout, new art, new cover.  Everyone who bought 1.0 gets 2.0 for free!

Sidney Icarus' Die But Once is a 10-page procedure for making character death mean something in Fifth Edition. It provides a way for players to express the impact that the deceased has had on their character, and employs mechanics that help characters to feel changed. 

With a focus on player agency, this supplement offers tools to support storytelling, and assists the DM in how to bring those stories back to the mechanics of the game. Players will find support in the included Rituals of the Folk, and are provided space to explore their character's feelings without pressure.

Die But Once brings impact and emotion to character death that will make your players feel like their sacrifices and failures are truly a part of their heroic tale.

Additional praise for Die But Once:
"I'll have this ready at my table for any ruleset, it's lovely. Put it in your toolbox."
- Matt Horam

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